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Tune Up Tuesday!  In addition to hosting this morning show, I work as a licensed therapist in the afternoon at Evolve Therapy in Greenwood.  Click here to learn more.  And on Tuesday mornings I share things I’ve learned that you may be able to use to “tune up” your relationship.

Today, you may warm-up before a workout, but what about a pre-fight warm-up with your significant other?  What is a pre-fight or pre-conflict warm-up?  John Gottman, one of the world’s leading relationship experts says it looks like this – each of you should name five things your spouse did for you over the past week that you appreciate.  Then they do the same for you.  Research shows that the happiest couples maintain a 5 to 1 ratio… five positives to one negative.  If you start out feeling appreciated, you’re less likely to get defensive when your partner presents a concern.  The bottom line is how you start a conflict impacts how it will end.

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