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Tune Up Tuesday!  In addition to hosting mornings on B105.7, I work in the afternoons as a therapist (book or learn more here) – and on Tuesday mornings I share nuggets I’ve learned that you may be able to use to “tune up” your relationships – hence the name… Tune Up Tuesday.

Today, one way happy couples argue differently. 

First of all, it might surprise you to learn that couples who argue are more likely to stay together than couples who don’t.  The secret sauce is in HOW they argue.  Happy couples take a solution oriented approach and they focus more on solvable problems.  Choosing to focus more on solvable issues can build up both partners’ sense of security and safety, while spending SO much time on the perpetual more manageable problems may reduce confidence in the relationship.

So, in summary… when it comes to arguing – we all experience problems that are both solvable and manageable, but happy couples have the wisdom to know the difference.

Sean Copeland is a licensed therapist at Evolve Therapy in Greenwood, IN.

Photo Credit: Getty Images