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How does your body look when you are facing a challenge?

Maybe you’ve never paid close attention, so here’s a little exercise I recently read about. Think about a problem you are facing – maybe something sad, or hurtful or something you want to avoid. Now position your body in a way that reflects you at your absolute worst dealing with the issue.

Now, do the opposite. Position your body in a posture that reflects when you are at your very best in dealing with a difficult problem. When you are feeling strong or empowered.

My guess is that when you were at your worst – your posture was more closed off, arms crossed or pulled close to your body? Maybe you were looking down?  And when you were feeling your best – your posture was probably more open, your head up, your body more free, your gaze more forward.

Bottom line – our body knows how we are feeling. Our posture often reflects how we are dealing with challenges or stress. So in a small way to help you deal with your stress, you might need to fake it ‘til you make it. Meaning, if you are afraid, or stressed, or tense – make it a point to open up your posture, don’t clench or close up, but rather stand up straight, loosen your limbs and keep your head up.

It’s basically saying through your body that “I need to open myself up and face the issues, rather than close myself off or turn away from my problems.”

If you are facing a challenge today, open up your body and mind, to openly address your problems


**Eric has his Masters in Counseling and when not on B105.7 works as a private practice counselor.**


Photo Credit: Getty Images/MangoStar_Studio