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Over the past couple of months I have started to fall in love with cooking again. The sights the smells and the feeling of accomplishment has a really gotten me through these past couple of months. But funnily enough it hasn’t been the fact that I’m always walking distance from my kitchen that has rekindled this love it was actually you tube. Like most people I have looked to my beloved screens for comfort. At first there was an endless stream of Netflix shows that I was gobbling down.


But when my appetite for television started to dwindle I started to get a little nervous. I still wanted to e entertained but was over practically being velcroid to my coach. That’s when a beacon of hope randomly showed up in my you tube suggested box. The channel was called Emmy Made in Japan and it is simply delightful.





Emmy created her channel when she and her husband decided to move to Japan in order to teach English. Not knowing much about Japanese culture Emmy felt isolated and out of place. Out of boredom she decided to create a review of a candy making machine that she bought at a grocery store. This soon turned into a hobby that has garnered quite the internet following. Now Emmy creates and reviews culinary treats from her home in Road Island.



The host Emmy is not like most of the you tubers who I have watched in the past. She’s soft spoken and subtly upbeat. Her sweat voice gives her instructions a soothing quality that I could listen to her for hours. While her presentation isn’t bombastic her concoctions definitely have the excitement that keeps me coming back for more. Her creations can range from cinnamon roll French toast to a cake that looks like an ocean.

The famous ocean cake

While I don’t think that I will be making an ocean cake anytime soon I have been itching to try the smooth peanut butter and jelly. Or making French toast out of cinnamon swirl bread. Emmy has created a special place on you tube where cooking is to be treasured and loved outside of competition or just surviving.

Here’s of the videos that I’ve watched recently: