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Do you think the best of others or assume the worst?  For instance, you text a friend and they don’t respond.  Or maybe they didn’t acknowledge your birthday?

Does your mind jump to conclusions that are less than positive? Do you assume they did these things because they didn’t care or were trying to hurt you?

Here’s the thing, when we do this we are not only potentially getting ourselves hurt or angry for no reason, but we are becoming an unhappier person.

On the other hand, people who give others the benefit of the doubt – maybe their phone broke or maybe there was a family emergency – are happier people, because they do not automatically assume the worst of others.

So the next time you fear you’ve been slighted by a friend, don’t let your mind go  to the worse-case scenario. Give them the benefit of the doubt, you’ll be happier as a result.

**Eric has a Masters in Counseling and when not on B105.7 works as a private practice counselor.**

Photo Credit: Getty Images/Ridofranz