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At any given time, we might be thinking about all the things we are not doing … missing out doing … or wish we were doing.  It’s normal, as the pandemic has impacted everyone this way.

But here’s something productive you can do – either as an individual or as a family: Every time you wish you do something, go somewhere, treat yourself, see someone you love, visit a new place, invite someone to visit you, write it down on a piece of paper and put it in a jar.

Whenever things get back to normal, allow this jar to be your bucket list.  Work your way through all the things you wrote down – all the things you missed and all the things you wished you could be doing.

As you work through that jar, more than likely you’ll have a sense of gratitude and probably will have a new perspective to not take the little things we miss now for granted.

Between now and then, enjoy filling up that jar.  So that’s your challenge for today – to begin making a quarantine “bucket list” and may be able to start working through it sooner than later.


Photo Credit: Getty Images/allanswart