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Got Weeds?

Mix together Dawn dish soap and white vinegar for a very effective and non-toxic weed killer! Just be sure to not get it on any other plants you want to stay safe.

Potted Plants leaking Soil?

Are your potted plants having soil seepage when you go to water them? Line the bottom of your pots with a basic coffee filter. It will allow the water to still easily drain but it won’t allow any of the soil to go with it!

Extra Eggshells?

Spread some crushed and powdered eggshells around your plants. This will deter any slugs and soft-bodied insects as well as give your plants a big calcium boost!

Baking Soda=Sweetness and Fungicide!

Planting tomatoes this year? Sprinkle some baking soda around them! The baking soda will absorb into the soil which will lower the acidity levels and will produce sweeter tomatoes! Baking soda can act as a fungicide as well.  If you have some leftover, mix it with some water and spray around your garden!

Capture those Pesky Slugs

Got beer? Set some out in a dish and capture those slugs. This will keep them from getting to your vegetables and ruining them.

Repurpose to Plant!

We are all about going green!  Ditch the plastic cups to plant seeds in and use items found around your house. You can use eggshells, lemon rinds, ice cream cones, bananas, etc. Most will provide your seedlings with nutrients and will naturally decompose when you plant it all in the ground!

Epsom Salt as Fertilizer

Dilute Epsom Salt with water and mist your plants with it to increase growth. Epsom Salt has added benefits such as aiding in seed germination and helping plants absorb vital nutrients.  If you are going to replant a plant, make sure to sprinkle some Epsom Salt in the dirt before putting the plant in it to decrease the replanting shock.

Use Zip Ties

Control your climbing plants by using zip ties! Be sure to not zip tie your plants tightly so they have room to still move and grow.

Make Your Own Garlic and Mint Insect Spray

Use different herbs and spices to make your own insect spray that actually works! Check out more information and the exact recipe here. 

Create Your Own Greenhouse

Cut the bottom part of a milk jug or 2-liter soda bottle and take off any wrapper. Put them over your seedlings to create greenhouse to protect them while they grow.


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