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Was emailing with a coworker yesterday who is working remotely and I said “How’s is going at your house?”  She made some comment like “As long as my husband and I don’t kill each other, it’s gonna be fine.”  Sound familiar?

With that in mind. a tip to deal with relationship stress while in quarantine. That’s this week’s Tune Up Tuesday – a little nugget you might be able to use to “tune up” your relationship. In addition to hosting this radio program, I’m a masters level therapy student in the afternoon.

So, here’s what I’d invite you to consider when your partner’s chewing is bothering you, you’re too much in each other’s space, or just on one another’s nerves in general  – consider doing an intimacy inventory.  Physical intimacy is not the only type.  Consider humor intimacy.  You connect by laughing together – inside jokes, poking fun at other people, watching shows that makes you both laugh.  What about service intimacy?  Talk about ways you both can give back during the quarantine and after.  And finally, consider what I’ve heard referred to as crisis intimacy.  You can get closer to each other by dealing with pain and problems together.  This is an opportunity to do that and to express gratitude for having one another during an uncertain time like this.