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The top 3 ways to protect yourself from Coronavirus… courtesy of a family friend of ours, who is a world renowned surgeon.

1) We all know by now that good hand washing is number 1.  By good hand washing, she says wash your hands more often and for longer.

2) Avoid sharing close breathing spaces in public.  The virus is not airborne, but if an infected person coughs. droplets fly out of their mouth – those droplets land on you, land on a nearby surface, you then touch that and – boom.

3) She says go to the grocery at odd hours, when there’s less likely to be other potentially sick people around.   Maybe I shouldn’t have shared that one, because we call can’t go at odd hours… or that’ll sort of defeat the purpose, right? 🙂

Facts, not fear.  Preparedness, not panic. That’s my mantra!