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When you’ve been wronged or hurt, how do you know when you should fight for the relationship and resolve things or to let it go … or in some cases let it go?

There’s not a simple answer and there are many angles to this kind of decision.  One thing to consider is the level of investment in the relationship?

For instance, if a complete stranger cuts you off in traffic – you can be mad for the moment, but to let it ruin your day or spend a lot of time being angry about it, doesn’t make sense because this is someone you most likely you will never see again.  There is no investment with that person.

The other side of the spectrum – what about when a family says something or does something that makes you mad.  That will probably hurt more, because you have more invested in that relationship.  Which means all the more the reason to make it a point to resolve that conflict.

The risk/reward factor for all relationships is the more invested you are, the greater the reward. But you also risk being hurt more, too.  Do not let the risk get in the way of going deeper in a relationship and resolving differences, because the reward is worth it.


**Eric has his Masters in Counseling and when not on B105.7, works as a private practice counselor.**


Photo Credit: Getty Images/George Tsartsianidis