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Bring the inspirational women in your life and join us Tuesday, August 7th at Bankers Life Fieldhouse for Inspiring Women Night with the Indiana Fever & their featured guest, Shannon Polson, before they take on Seattle Storm!

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We had an incredible amount of Inspiring Women nominations from you and we’re so thankful you have those women in your life! There were amazing stories of women in Indiana who have conquered what life has thrown at them, given their all to serve others, or inspired a whole community. We want to introduce you to some of them…


J E N N A   B E R R Y – S P A R K S

“She is my my daughter that I had later in life. She has two brothers that were grown when she was born and I was 40 years old. She came at a time in my life that I was not only struggling with my career but also my personal life. My husband and I had recently divorced and my boys were grown and had moved out. I wasn’t sure what direction my life was heading and then I found out I was pregnant with my daughter. I didn’t know at the time how much she would inspire me as I watched her go from a child to a young lady.Not only am I a better mother now because of her but the sister, daughter, and friend I have become is all because of her.I am so proud of the young lady she has become and she inspires me to be a better person every day.I know as a parent we are supposed to inspire our children and I hope I have done that for her as well but I honestly don’t think it can compare to what she has done for me. I was not half the person she is when I was her age.She continues to amaze me every day and I feel so blessed to call her my daughter.”

nominated by Celina Sparks


K A T H Y   W A L T E R S

“My sister Kathy is an inspiration to many people through her support to many charities, community and her church.  She volunteers for a variety of fundraisers that help many people for different events that happen in their lives.  She has used her talents as a DJ for Relay for Life events, baking items for bake sales, assisting young kids at Purdue, and assisting young kids in the church.  Kathy has RA but never lets her stop from helping others.  She volunteers for activities at Purdue to help others out in their time of need….The world is a better place having her in it and she shows the love to many!!!”

nominated by Edie Walters


L E O N O R A   M O R A L E S

“My mom raised 5 kids and worked 2 jobs and I don’t know how she did it. My dad left us when we were all young and this devastated mom.We had to move in with our grandparents. Then mom was able to save enough money to get us our own place. Mom made it happen with no child support. My dad never helped and it wasn’t easy for mom. Now that we are all grown I look at my mom & see a strong woman. Mom did remarry and her new husband treated her like gold. They truly loved each other. Recently her husband, my step dad passed away from pancreatic cancer. My heart broke for my mom. She was there continuously at the hospital and was his primary caregiver when my stepdad went home for hospice & before that. Thru everything and just growing up, my mom is so caring and strong. She inspires me so much for all that she endured and went thru. I love my mom!”

nominated by Celina Roldan


S H E L L Y   H E N L Y

“Shelly started a bakery called No Label At The Table for her son who is on the autism spectrum to have his dream of becoming a chef. In the process of helping her son, she has also helped 14 other young persons on the autism spectrum have a job. No Label At the Table is very special not just because all the products it sells are Gluten free and Dairy Free, it’s special because all the employees are individuals in the autism spectrum. My daughter happens to be one of the employees and loves working there. My daughter couldn’t find employment anywhere else because she’s not independent enough, but with Shelly’s support she keeps getting more independent every day. Shelly is an inspiration to other parents to help our children have their dreams come true.”

nominated by Patty Reed