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Today — January 3rd, is my first day without cream in my coffee…


                                      **Insert Golf Clap Here**


Thank you.  I do this every year.  Starting in September or whenever the pumpkin spice coffee creamer comes out at the grocery, I put that stuff in my coffee… until I run out, usually around the first of the year.  Then I go no cream, just a little stevia until the pumpkin cycle starts again in September. 


I count this as a resolution of sorts… because that cream has like 30 calories per tablespoon… and I’m putting about 3 tablesspoons per cup.  And I’m having about 3 cups per day… so, in just the workweek, that’s about 1500 calories I’m saving.  That’s pretty significant. 


So, my tip for success with a resolution… pick something you’re gonna do anyway.  That’s what I’m doing