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The two biggest ways people are vowing to save – eating out less and cutting the cord.  Yeah, I’m not doing either of those things. 


I actually have a pretty decently priced TV package right now.  If you call and threaten to cut the cord, sometimes they’ll give you a good “dill” – as they say back home in Southern Illinois… and they did last time I called. 


And eating out less?  Yeah, we have loosely vowed to do that.  Our stated goal is to eat out no more than twice a week.  And I think we can do that.  We’ll probably eat out Friday and Saturday… and that should be it.  I feel bad for restaurants… especially in January, some struggle.  People go out less because of money and because of the cold weather… so, if there’s a neighborhood spot you love, make sure they have your support… this month, especially