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credit: Getty Images/marekuliasz

There have been scientific studies that speak to the power of a compliment, but I don’t think we need a study to let us know the value of a compliment. When you are having a bad day and something as simple as someone saying that they like your shirt, can brighten your day.  Compliments can be simple, but also profound, too.

Maybe you remember the teacher or coach that said you were smart, bright, creative or good at something.  Maybe it was your mom or dad.  The positive words we say to children can be so powerful.

But regardless of age, we all want validation or recognition.  As a counselor, I have worked with couples that have been so hurtful to each other, but when you strip everything a way – he wants to be assured that he is not a failure or is respected and she wants to be assured that she is enough and loved.

The words we say to each other matter. They can speak life, express worth and value to others.  That’s deep, right. And at the very least they can put a smile on someone’s face and maybe make their day.