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Ask anyone how they are doing – especially someone you might not see often – and you’ll often hear them saying, “I’ve been staying busy” or that “Life is Busy.”

Pretty much everyone says they are busy – because most of the time we ARE busy.  Probably too busy.

We wear being busy like a badge of honor.  We often confuse being busy, with being productive or it maybe it gives us a feeling of importance.  Either way, always being busy is not healthy.

Yes, you may have busy seasons of life.  Or maybe you work multiple jobs to just make it.  Being busy isn’t always bad – if we are busy doing meaningful things. 

But often we keep busy and fill our lives up with things that in the grand scheme of life, are not that important.  And this often leads to stress and exhaustion.

I recently cut some things out of my life – it wasn’t easy to do.  But I was so busy, that I found myself beginning to say “no” to more important things in my life – like spending time with friends and family.

So our challenge today is to examine our busyness – is there something in your life keeping you busy, that in reality isn’t that important?  Maybe you cut that out, to make room for the more important things in life.


*When Eric isn’t on the radio at B105.7, he works as a private-practice counselor.  Information provided here is intended to be helpful food-for-thought and not official therapeutice instruction or advice.*