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There may be times in your relationship where you feel like you’re in a bad place.. like you can’t imagine things getting better.  Well, something to consider: you felt the same (only in reverse) when you first got together, right?  Like you couldn’t imagine things would ever go bad, and yet they did.  So, now you can’t imagine things will ever get better… and yet, they can. 

Unhappiness is rarely permanent.  Your relationship can get better.  In fact, they’ve researched this and found that people who hit a rough spot in their marriage and stay to work it out are happier over time than people who hit a rough spot and get divorced. 

Now, obviously there are times when divorce is the best choice… abuse comes to mind, but all I’m intending to do is give you an invitation to hope… just like you did at the beginning.  My advice here is general and each situation is different so check your local listings