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This may hurt a little.

Your kids aren’t growing up and you might be the reason why.  Ouch! 

Was reading this study basically saying parents nowadays are still handling things for their adult kids (solving problems, removing obstacles, etc) and that’s killing kid’s life skills.  Now, if you don’t do this as a parent… then chances are you know someone who does. 

I have had parents email me about their kids getting an internship at the radio station… and I’ll be honest with you, nothing will disqualify you faster.  If your mommy has to email me about an opportunity for you – what does that tell me about your ability to solve problems?  I mean, you can’t solve problems for yourself… how can you solve any problems for the company? 

Or, a friend of mine has a couple of kids at Ball State and one was having trouble in a class and she was going to call her son’s professor.  She asked me what I thought.  I said… your son is 21 years old, he has served his country in the military, he is a grown man… I think his mommy shouldn’t be calling his teacher at this point.  Maybe I’m old school and hard nosed and it’s a good thing I’m not a parent… or maybe I’m right.  What say you?

Photo Credit: Getty Images / Jack F