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Perhaps some spring cleaning in order this weekend, but what about spring cleaning your mind.. wouldn’t that be nice?  Well, apparently it can be done.  


I could use a mental spring cleaning because sometimes my brain is like my computer.  I’ve got 25 browser windows open and I have no idea where the music is coming from.  Well, I watched this TED talk about spring cleaning your brain.  Here’s how they say to do it…

1) Create a mental inventory… so write down the things you need to do, should be doing, and things you want to do.  So need, should, and want. 

2) Then go through each item and ask yourself – “Is it vital?”  and “Does it matter to me or someone I love?”  If the answer is no to both of those, then you’ve just identified a distraction… cross it off your list and declutter your mind. 


And, they say it’s important to do this on a weekly basis so the clutter doesn’t build back up. 

Photo Credit: Getty Images / Milkos