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One of America’s unofficial past-times is complaining.  Yes, at any given time we like to complain. Complaining can make us feel better about ourselves, but it definitely is not good for us.  In fact, griping  is not healthy for the people around you, either.

One person compared complaining to smoking – it impacts the person that does it and it also hurts those who are exposed to it (like secondhand smoke does).  When we gripe, our brains release stress hormones that negatively impact the parts of our brain that are used for problem solving and other cognitive functions.  The same thing happens to us when we hear someone moan or groan.

Earlier this year, there was a movement to encourage people to go a month without complaining, to see what difference it would make in your life.  Going an entire month might seem super ambitious (and unrealistic to you), so let’s start with a day and go from there.  It will be good for you and those around you, too.

Photo Credit: Getty Images/SIphotography