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Your significant other says how are you… you say “fine” – when you’re really not fine.  Why that small thing can have such a big impact on your relationship.  That’s this week’s Tune Up Tuesday, a little nugget you can use to tune up your relationship every Tuesday morning around 8:20 on B105.7.


Maybe it’s saying you’re fine when you’re not, maybe it’s hiding small purchases from your partner, and maybe those things don’t seem like a big deal… but consider this — if you find yourself having to lie about little things, it’s not a leap to say that over time you may find yourself feeling like you need to lie over bigger things. 


Maybe you even think a little white lie to avoid an argument is helpful.  I get that, but let me suggest what might be more helpful in the long run is talking things over and figuring out why you feel the need to lie in the first place.  Imagine being in a relationship where you can tell each other the truth – all the time… without fear.  I think that sort of relationship would feel good to most of us, and little white lies undermine your efforts to create that.


In addition to hosting the morning show on B105.7, Sean Copeland is in school to be a therapist. He is passionate about helping his audience have more connected, fulfilling relationships.

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