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A habit that couples tend to fall into, the longer they’re together!  How to guard against it or how to break that habit, if you’re already in it.  That’s this week’s Tune Up Tuesday – a little nugget you can use to “tune up” your relationship (Tuesday mornings around 8:20).


So, to that habit we’re gonna break – doing the same thing every date night.  Weekly date nights are great, they’re important.  Gives you a chance to bond with your partner, gives you something to look forward to, but in order for them to be the MOST effective, it’s important to shake things up now and then.  You know there’s research that shows doing something new together affects your brain chemistry and makes you feel more connected to each other.  While predictability can lead to boredom and distance. 


Now, you don’t have to do crazy things like… “hey, we’re gonna go rock climbing and pole vaulting on our next date night.”  For us, I’ll give you an example… Saturday night has become our date night.  Last Saturday, we made dinner together at home and watched a movie.  This weekend, we’re going out for Italian food and we’re gonna rent one of those scooters and ride around downtown.  Not earth shattering stuff here, but it’s just different enough that we’re both looking forward to it… and I think that anticipation of time together drives connection too.


In addition to hosting mornings on B105.7, Sean Copeland is in school to be a therapist.

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