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Sweaty palms … nerves … mind going blank … taking a test can ramp up anxiety in our lives.  Whether it was a pop quiz or end-of-the-year final, many of us have experienced some form of test anxiety. Test anxiety often impacts how well we do on that test, too. 

While I was studying for my Masters degree, a professor of mine shared some helpful advice on how to thwart the nerves and stress that many experience before tests. Just before you take the exam, write down everything you are worried about – whether it relates to the test or not.  It’s in that process of writing down your worries, that you are able to release them. 

It sounds simple, but it may just work for you or your kids.  In scientific tests, students who did this experienced less test anxiety and performed better, than students that didn’t write down their thoughts.


Photo Credit: Getty Images/monkeybusinessimages