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Do you procrastinate?  I know I do – I was going to ask you this question yesterday.  That’s your obligatory procrastination joke.

We procrastinate because we want to avoid something that is difficult … or hard … or unpleasant.  The core reason is because we are fearful. So we do something else and it momentarily makes us feel better.  The key word in there is “momentarily” makes us feel better.  Ultimately, procrastination makes us feel worse … and that just builds.  Our fear doesn’t go away – it just grows.

So how do we stop procrastinating? 

– Write down what you need to do and give yourself a deadline.

– If it helps, breakdown that task into small parts, to help make it more manageable.

– Tell someone about your goal or what you need to do – create accountability.

– As you begin to chip away at what you’ve been putting off and ultimately accomplish, reward yourself.  A little positive reinforcement is never bad.

Finally, the biggest part of conquering procrastination – start today.  Don’t think about how hard it will be to accomplish or finish – just take a step in that direction and build momentum toward your goal. Once you do, you’ll be surprised at how good you feel without the fear and stress associated with whatever you’ve been putting off doing.

Photo Credit: Getty Images/marekuliasz