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A couple who’s been married for 79 years is sharing their secret.  That’s this week’s Tune Up Tuesday – a little nugget you can use to tune up your relationship. I share them Tuesday mornings around 8:20 on B105.7.

This couple says their secret is a chocolate bar.  They share a Hershey bar together every day… and they have done so every day since the 1940s. They credit that with keeping them happy. 

Now, it’s obviously not about the chocolate.  It’s about rituals that connect, right? So, what is that for you… that daily ritual that can connect you to your partner?  If you don’t have one, think of one you could try.  Our ritual… before we go to bed every night, we share 3 things we appreciate about the other person.  Every single night.  That’s pretty direct.  The Hersey bar is a little more indirect, but both work. 

Again, I think the lesson here is to create a daily ritual that connects the two of you.  It’s going to look different for each of us, and that’s ok. 


In addition to hosting mornings on B105.7, Sean Copeland is in school to be a therapist.Photo Credit: Getty Images