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How many times have you found yourself eating that unhealthy snack and you are not even hungry?  Or have you bought that the thing you didn’t even go to the store for and don’t need?  Whether it’s eating or shopping, we often do these things out of boredom or stress.

While I did see that you can buy “shock” bracelets, that you can program to send a shock to your wrist when you eat too much fast food or spend too much money, there’s a less painful way to accomplish these goals.  It just takes time.  Literally, it takes time.

Next time you go grab a handful of Oreos, ask yourself, “Am I hungry?  Or am I just bored or stressed?”  Pause.  Even if it means putting the cookies on the counter and waiting.  You can do the same thing when you find yourself picking up that fancy new juicer at the store.

When we ask ourselves the question on whether or not we are hungry or we really “need” that juicer, we are creating an awareness for ourselves on if it’s really a need or a want.  It also makes us become aware that we may be going to these things as an unhealthy coping mechanism for boredom or stress.

But we have to give ourselves time to reflect and question why we are going to these things.  That is the power of the pause.  And as result, you’ll ideally make better and healthier choices moving forward.


**Eric has his Masters in Counseling.  When he’s not on B105.7, Eric works as a private practice counselor*

Photo Credit: Getty Images/YakobchukOlena