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This may make you feel old – it’s been almost 25 years since the very first Toy Story movie!  Over the years, both old and young viewers laugh and cried with Woody, Buzz and the entire Toy Story gang.

The movies also taught us quite a bit …

– We learned the value of friendship and going above and beyond to help a friend. Teamwork is good.

– We can accept and get along with those who are different than us.

– We learned that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side …

– We learned to be thankful and grateful for being loved and cared for and to never take those tjhings for granted.

– And that we should enjoy every moment.

That’s a lot of wisdom from some animated toys.  Let’s take it upon ourselves to tape into our inner-Toy Story. To embrace the innocence, love and joy of some toys that have taught us so much.  May your friendships be as loyal as Woody and Buzz and may they last for infinity and beyond!


Photo Credit:Getty Images/yavdat