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Look around your office.  Is there someone who is alway impeccably dressed?  Do they have style?  If so, chances are her name is Sarah.  An interesting survey by the Trunk Club discovered the most common names for the best dressed and worst dressed people in your workplace.  For women, it was Sarah, Mary, and Ashely for the most stylish.  For guys, it’s John, Tom and Tim.

Now the bad news.  If you are a Karen, Jill, Sue, Mike, Bob or Steve, take a long look in the mirror.  It’s possilbe you are the worst-dressed of your coworkers.  If you need tips on what not to wear, just ask Sarah or John.  Along those lines, the survey revealed that about a third of us are influenced on what to wear by a stylish coworker.  And we often befriend coworkers, who dress similarly to us, too.


Photo Credit: Getty Images/nd3000