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It’s possible you are like magnet, attracting people all the time.  You are the kind of gal or guy people just want to be around.  In the event you are not (or maybe you don’t believe it’s possible to be too irresistible), I came across some tips to draw others to you.  And the great news is that it’s not dependent on looks or personality – meaning these are things we all can do!   Being irresistible, by the way, just doesn’t apply to attracting someone to date or marry. These are traits that you can utilize in making friends, on job interviews and becoming a much more caring person. 

According to John Gorman, a writer for the site Medium, humility, curiosity, and empathy, are the keys to becoming irresistible. Humility, he says is the belief that “you are not yet so great that your mind cannot be opened.”  Curiosity not only helps people gain more knowledge, but allows them to learn more about others.  When you seek to hear other people’s stories and opinions, you not only grow, but it shows others you care about what they say or think.  And empathy he says, “is the sweetest attribute one can possess … it brings people closer, and makes others feel understood and less alone inside.”

In short, he explains that: humility is how you value yourself. Curiosity is how you value your others.  Empathy is how you value the bonds between yourself and others.

Think about what those words mean and you can see why you would want to be around people who embody those traits and why people would want to be around you.


Photo Credit: Getty Images/Andrey Popov