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Tune Up Tuesday.  This is where I give you a little nugget you can use to tune up your relationship.  Not only am I your friendly morning radio host, but I’m also in school to be a therapist. 

Today consider this – at the end of the day you may ask your partner… “How was your day?”  Or… “How are you?”  Those questions, though can become too routine and they don’t really drive connection.  Instead, try being intentional about going deeper.  Ask… what brought you joy today?  What feels heavy after the day?  What’s something you’re hoping for tomorrow? 

If you don’t want to do these deeper questions every day, maybe start with once a week.  Maybe it’s over coffee on Sunday mornings and then that becomes a weekly check-in of discussing things you each have to celebrate in your life at the moment and things that you’d like to move past.  If even that seems daunting, try the sharing for just 10 minutes… feel free to set a timer