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Does this look like the picture of a dog who was given a death sentence?


Over a year ago, I was told that my little dog, Sammy, had congestive heart failure and would only live for maybe six more months.

That was the day that I decided to feed him regular food … not dog food.  Why not?  Dogs living naturally in the wild wouldn’t be hunting for what passes as dog food.

Sammy’s been eating chicken, chicken soup, turkey, steak, tuna, salmon, eggs, carrots, watermelon, and his favorite treat … ice cream.  I even add sweet potatoes, lettuce, kale and spinach to his plate once in a while.  Not much, just a little.  I mainly add the sweet potatoes, kale or spinach to his chicken soup once in a while.  My motto … Sammy can have whatever he wants as long as it won’t harm him.

This diet has kept him alive much longer than the vet anticipated.  He’s still going strong.

Hope you will consider giving your dog a healthy diet of real food instead of those brown globs of dust that is sold as dog food.

Maybe test it out by adding a little real food to your dog’s diet to see what his/her reaction will be.

I’m not a doctor/vet … don’t even play one on tv or the radio … However, the real food diet has given my Sammy a longer life.

Here’s a list of some dog approved people food from Cesars Way: