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On any given work day, you may have wanted to utter the phrase, “I quit!”  In fact, a poll by CNBC revealed that a third of us have considered quitting our job in just the last three months.  That same poll revealed one of the biggest reasons people want to change jobs – they feel undervalued.  And while some feel undervalued when it comes to their pay, the majority say it’s more a matter of not feeling appreciated by their boss or workplace.

Even people who said they haven’t considered quitting their job, say lack of recognition and validation by their bosses is a problem at their job. To feel appreciated and valued is very human and something everyone desires.  And while our personal (or professional) well-being should never be contingent on what another person can do for us, it is still nice and good to feel others care about you. 

One big takeaway for all of us is that we may not be able to control whether or not your boss shows appreciation to you, we all can make it a point to affirm and validate others – even beyond the workplace.


Photo Credit: Getty Images/Deagreez