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I read today that compliments are written in sand, while criticisms are written in stone.  Ain’t that the truth – we can hear all sorts of positive compliments and praise, but they all can we wiped out by a critique that just sticks with us.

But since avoiding criticism is impossible, what’s the best way to handle it?  Here are a few thoughts …

First of all, try not to take it personally – which is very difficult, of course.  But we often have to separate the critique from who we are as a person.

Second, look for the truth in it.  Usually, our first reaction is to get defensive or angry.  But try to objectively, as best as you can, to determine if there is anything valid in the critique.

If so, grow from it.  If not – shake it off.  If it’s not true don’t spend any more time thinking about it, much less taking it to heart.

If you are feeling really strong and confident – thank the person.  If nothing else, try not to hold a grudge and ultimately move forward – there is no value continuing to dwell on a critique, whether it is true or not.  You can’t move forward, if you are always looking back.


Photo Credit: Getty Images/TatyanaGl