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As kids we were told not to talk to strangers.  Stranger danger, right?  For the most part, that is just wise.  Problem is, we carry this into our adulthood and often to our detriment.

Years ago, in waiting rooms, in grocery lines, restaurants we might have found ourselves, during lulls or idle times to striking up a conversation with a total stranger.

We don’t do that much now,  because we are generally looking at our phones.  But a friend shared how they recently started a conversation on an airplane with a complete stranger and, much to her surprise, it was fun!  She said it was much more fulfilling than reading a book or being buried in her phone.

Here’s the interesting thing about this – it’s been shown that when you engage in a conversation with a stranger, not only will you feel a bit better – but it positively impacts others around you.  Yes, other strangers listening into your conversation with another stranger, will feel better too.

I think this speaks to our need to connect with others in a real, authentic human way.  It speaks to moving outside of our comfort zone and our own world to engage with someone else.  And it speaks to kindness.  You factor all those things and It’s no wonder that connecting with a stranger is beneficial to our souls and to others.


Photo Credit: Getty Images/Stock Byte