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In one of my all-time favorite episodes of the sitcom “Seinfeld” Jerry realizes he has forgotten the name of the woman he is dating.  Armed only with the knowledge that her name “rhymes with a female body part,” Jerry hilariously and hopelessly attempts to guess her name (“Gipple,” “Bovary,” and “Mulva” were not it).  The scenario paints a picture of how bad and awkward it can be to forget someone’s name.

We’ve all probably been there – you meet someone, they introduce themselves and almost immediately you forget their name.

It happens to me more often than I’d like. It’s awful and can be awkward.  I did this last week – I actually called the person by their wrong name and even though I immediately caught myself, I felt terrible.

Why does it matter?  It sounds crazy, but a great way for someone to feel valued, is to call them by their name.  Ever meet someone you think is “important” and then you run into them again and they remember your name?  It makes you feel good, doesn’t?  To be recognized and remembered is very powerful.

So here are some tips to remember someone’s name –

Immediately repeat it after they tell you – “It’s nice to meet you Stephanie.”

Pay attention to them and what they are saying – if you are distracted, you won’t remember.

And then make it a point to associate their name with an image, person or thing you think their name suggests. 

Most importantly, remembering someone’s name is something you have to want to do and something you need to commit to do, too.  Why?  Because it’s important and as Jerry found out with Deloris (start rhyming …), it can be awkward and in his case, end the relationship.


Photo Credit: Getty Images/SL Photography