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Inspired by women and inner strength. Inspired by fighters and cancer survivors.

We’re inspired by Susie.

“My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 53 and died at 58,” Bixler said. “I was only 23 when I lost her. So, I am faithful about getting my annual mammogram. As most of us… my busy life got in the way and I put off my screening for a year and six months. I was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 54. I am thankful I didn’t wait any longer, but I will always wonder if I hadn’t put it off, would my outcome have been different? Would my treatment have been less invasive because it was caught earlier?”

Early detection of breast cancer is still the BEST protection for women. Franciscan Health now offers same-day screening mammography at their Indianapolis, Mooresville and Plainfield locations. They’re revolutionizing the screening process with new technology called breast tomosynthesis, or 3D mammography, which is more likely to detect multiple tumors, pinpointing size, shape and location of abnormalities earlier than 2D mammography.


“To all the women out there, DO NOT put off your screening no matter what,” Bixler urges. “Early detection really does save lives and Franciscan Health saved mine.”


Woman Crush Wednesday presented by Franciscan Health Cancer Center

B105.7 is teaming up with our sister station, 97.1 HANK FM, to honor Susie Bixler and more breast cancer survivors & fighters at their Woman Crush Wednesday concert presented by Franciscan Health Cancer Center. This one-of-a-kind show with feature Ashley McBryde, Tenille Townes, Abby Anderson and Caylee Hammack on October 30th at 8 Seconds Saloon in Indianapolis.


$5 from every ticket sold will be donated to the Franciscan Health Foundation benefiting cancer patients.


Photo Credit: LenaSkor / Getty Images, Franciscan Health / Susie Bixler