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Someone shared with me today that when they start thinking of everything they have to do, they begin to feel overwhelmed and feel like breaking down.

I think we all can relate to that – between work and life, we can often feel like there is so much to do and so little time to do it.

I shared with them something that has helped me …

I make a list of everything I have to do, which is not revolutionary.  But the act of doing this not only helps you remember everything you have to do, it can also free your mind.  There is something about emptying your brain that can make you feel so much better.

Then I look at that list – often times there are a lot of things on there I don’t have to do – sometimes there are things other people can do, so ask them.  Also, there are usually a lot of things on there I don’t have to do today or even this week.  So I prioritize – I only focus on what I have to do today or what is the next thing I need to do, rather than focusing on everything I have to do.

If you are feeling overwhelmed today with too much to do –  make a list, empty your mind, delegate if you have to, and just worry about the next thing you need to do.      


**Eric has his Masters in Counseling and when he’s not on B105.7, he works as a private practice counselor.**


Photo Credit: Getty Images/Scyther5