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It’s one of those things we all long for – to be connected to others. We all long to be close to other people, not just romantically – even from a friends’ standpoint.  People we can really talk to, enjoy and share life with.

So if this is something we all want, why is it so hard?  Fear is a big reason.  We are afraid of getting hurt, we are afraid to put down walls, we’re afraid others might not want to spend time with …

Technology is another reason.  We have a false sense of connection with others, because most of our communication is done though texting and social media.

But as one person put it – if we want greater connections with other humans, we have to be more human.  That means becoming familiar with others or taking time to get to know someone.  That means creating intimacy – I’m not talking physical intimacy – I mean sharing your ups and downs and being vulnerable with others.  And finally, having meaningful interactions and moments with others.  Really investing your time with shared interests or taking an interest in something that is important to them.

Good relationships always involve risks and getting past fears of rejection or hurt.  When we step outside of our comfort zone in attempt to develop deeper relationships there is always a risk that it might not work out, but without that there’s little to no chance of the hoped for reward – that is a stronger relationships and friendships.


**Eric has his Masters in Counseling.  When he’s not on B105.7, he works as a private practice counselor.**


Photo Credit: Getty Images/Milkos