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We want what we want and we want it now, right?  I was talking to someone today and they basically admitted that – I want it all and if I can have it now, that would be great.

That’s pretty normal. We generally prefer instant gratification.  I was thinking about that with myself recently.  I’m trying to cut back on sugar (Halloween week is a brilliant time to do that, huh?).  I’m trying to lose some weight and I’ll do good for a day or two, but then there’s that donut … or yes, I would like fries with that. 

It’s not about never having these things again, but putting them off for awhile would be beneficial.  But in the moment – we want what we want and we want it now.

You see, if I delayed that kind of gratification, I might achieve my goal of losing some weight.  And then in moderation, could have that donut or extra slice of pizza.

A study showed the power of delayed gratification.  When we play more the long game, instead of wanting instant results – they found our lives to be better.  People who delay gratification do better on tests, have lower levels of substance abuse, have better responses to stress and have better social skills.

Embrace the power of delayed gratification.  It’s okay to want what you want – but there can be value in not needing it now.


**Eric has his Masters in Counseling.  When not on B105.7, Eric works as a private practice counselor.**


Photo Credit: Getty Images/Yakobchuk Olena