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I read this today – “8 in 10 millennials believe they are not ‘good enough’.”  There’s a feeling that they are not living up to expectations that people have for them.  I know it can be almost trendy to bash on millennials, but I find this information as disturbing and sad.

But let me tell you – in my work as a private practice counselor – that not feeling “good enough” is not a problem specific to millennials.  I see clients who range from 14 to 75 and if I were to drill down to the most common struggle common to them (and really all of us), it’s not understanding their worth. 

Men and women both struggle with not feeling good enough. It may look differently on different people.  Some people wear their insecurity on their sleeves; others mask it in outrageous bravado … and many of us are somewhere in between.

And because I see this struggle daily in others and in myself, I find myself consciously trying to build this into my kids.  That they are good enough.  And this is possible.  It’s possible to build into your kids without either making them feel like they are more special than others or making them feel like they will never amount to anything.

But as I said before – not feeling good enough is not just a kid or millennial problem.  It spans all ages.  So our challenge today, is that when it comes to ourselves – realize you are good enough.  And take time to remind others the same thing.


*Eric has his Masters in Counselors and when not on B105.7, is a private practice counselor*


Photo Credit: Getty Images/Drazen Zigic