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I overheard someone s ay out of exasperation – “Why can’t people just be nice?!”  Great question, right?  I mean we all love it if people were more nice.

Maybe we just don’t always know how or we don’t even realize we are not being nice?

So I went to the place where we usually go to get answers – I Googled “How to be a nice person.”  And here are some of the tips I found:

– Use confident eye contact – make it habit of making eye contact and smiling at everyone you encounter.

– Include the other person’s name when possible – one way to make someone feel important and respected is to say their name when talking to them.  It makes your conversation more personal, too.

– And finally, Listen more than you speak.  This is good advice for a lot of things, by the way.  You’ll come across nicer if you talk less about yourself and listen to what the other person has to say.

So there you have it – that’s how to be a nice person according to Google – eye contact, say the person’s name, and listen to them. You now know how to be nice person, so go out and be nice people.


Photo Credit: Getty Images/happy8790