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Leading up to Thanksgiving we are taking the time to express “thanks” each and every day with our “21 Days of Gratitude.”

Today we are going to be thankful for the kindness of others.  We’ve all been there … you are having a bad day and someone goes out of their way to be kind to you.  It’s an unexpected text of encouragement when you needed it most. Maybe someone buys you a cup of coffee, takes the time to listen to what’s on your mind or even just a random smile from a stranger.

Yes, at times it seems like our world is becoming increasingly unkind, which makes random and not-so-random acts of kindness so needed.  And the cool thing is, if we want more kindness in the world, we have a say in it by being kind to others.

So today express gratitude for the kindness you receive from others and look to pass it on to those you encounter today, because you never know when someone really needs the kindness only you can provide.


Photo Credit: Getty Images/monkeybusinessimages