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The “21 Days of Gratitude” continues as we take a moment each day to express thanks for something or someone leading up to Thanksgiving.

Our world is said to be experiencing a “loneliness epidemic,” which is odd because technology connects us to more friends and acquaintances like never before.  But I think what we are realizing is that online friiendships ultimately prove to be hollow and unsatisfying if that’s all that it is.  Technology can be a barrier to the closeness we can only get when we see another person physically and hear each other’s voices.

As human beings we are wired for relationship.  Friends help us share our life’s ups and downs.  They bring us joy and companionship.  It really isn’t good for us to be alone (that doesn’t mean we always have to be with people or become co-dependent) and friends are as essential to our lives as water and air.

Is it possible that you had more friends or different friends?  Sure.  But take the time to acknowledge and be thankful for the friends you have had throughout your life.  In fact, so something very friend-like and reach out to a friend and personally thank them for their friendship.


Photo Credit: Getty Images/Deagreez