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Our countdown to Thanksgiving continues with our “21 Days of Gratitude.”  Taking time each day to acknowledge a person or an area of life we are thankful for.

Remember driving with a big paper map?  Going to an Encyclopedia when you had a question?  Not being able to buy your Christmas gifts with the click of a button?  Modern technology has rapidly changed our lives.  It brings convenience and connection.

Yes, technology has created problems, too, but primarily has made our lives better and easier.  How many parents feel safer knowing their kids have a phone they can immediately access in the event of an emergency?  How grateful are you to be able to look up and research needed information instantly? 

It’s easy to take these for granted or use them without thinking.  So let’s take a moment to be grateful and thankful for the technology that has made a positive difference in our lives.


Photo Credit: Getty Images/artiemedvedev