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Day 14 of our “21 Days of Gratitude.”  Taking time each day to acknowledge a person or an area of life we are thankful for …

Throughout this journey we’ve taken the time to be thankful for people like mentors or teacher; we’ve also been thankful for things like technology or music.  And other times it’s some big picture concepts – that’s where we land today.

Today we are thankful for Forgiveness.  Forgiveness is both hard and healing.  It can be something we resist doing and sometimes resist receiving.  Ultimately it is something freeing and not just for the person receiving that forgiveness.

Forgiving really means letting go of the anger or bitterness associated with a person or situation.  It doesn’t mean what they did was right or that you let them off the hook.  It’s letting yourself of the hook to not carry that pain and frustration anymore. 

Forgiveness is freedom. Maybe this Thanksgiving will serve as an opportunity to forgive?

With our 21 Days of gratitude, we are thankful for the forgiveness we have received and thankful for the forgiveness we have given.


Photo Credit: Getty Images/Antonio Guillem