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Day 15 of our “21 Days of Gratitude.”  Taking time each day to acknowledge a person or an area of life we are thankful for …

It’s possible that you might say a little prayer before you eat on Thanksgiving.  It’s possible you pray before you eat all the time. For many this serves as a way of expressing thanks for something we all need – food.

Often times we can take for granted our ability to open a refrigerator or pantry and see multiple options for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  Or if we have the ability to go through a drive-thru or stop at a restaurant and not think anything of it.

The reality is, 1 in 7 Americans face real hunger every day.  My guess is that it is far worse for the world at large.

That’s not a guilt thing.  But the point is – if you don’t have to worry where your next meal is coming from or if it’s ever going to come, be thankful.

So for our 21 Days of Gratitude, let’s be thankful for food.


Photo Credit: Getty Images/bhofack2