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Thanksgiving is almost here and we’ve been taking time each day specifically express gratitude for something or someone different.  On day 20, we express Thanksgiving for giving.  Wrap your brain around that, huh?  We are used to saying “thank you” when we receive something, but have you ever been grateful for your ability to give?

One of the biggest conceptions we have is that we have to have a lot to give, but that’s not true.  We often minimize our ability to impact someone else, because we compare what we can give to what other people might be able to do.  Don’t do that.

We are entering a season of giving.  This year (and really all year), look to give – not just money, but your time, too.  In fact one of the most valuable resources we have is our time, whether it is through volunteering or taking time to listen to a friend. When we give, we not only help someone else, but we benefit, too.  One of the best ways we grow as individuals is to look outside of ourselves and give. 

We go from being selfish to selfless.

So today, don’t minimize what you can do through giving.  It might not be a lot compared to others (who cares?), but if you can give something – time or money – be grateful that you have that ability.  On day 20 of our 21 Days of Gratitude we are thankful for the opportunity to help others by giving.


Photo Credit: Getty Images/Motortion