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I saw this study that says we are more likely to do a good deed for someone after someone else has been kind or done a good deed for us. Although, someone has to be the first, so why not you?

When they asked people, they determined we average doing 5 good deeds a month – that’s roughly one a week.  What if we amped that up today?  What if we did 5 today?  It might not be as tough as you think.  They listed the most popular good deeds people do:

  • Complete a chore or errand for a friend.
  • Help someone across the street.
  • Let someone with fewer items go in front of you at a store.
  • Hold the door open for a stranger.
  • Help someone with directions.

That’s 5 good deeds right there and all are relatively easy, right?

Here’s our Acts of Christmas Kindness Challenge fo – do 5 good deeds over the next 24 hours.  When you do, you’ll either be good for the entire month or possibly inspired to do more tomorrow.


Photo Credit: Getty Images/monkeybusinessimages