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In addition to hosting this morning program, I am studying to be a therapist…and on Tuesday mornings I do this thing called Tune Up Tuesday.  It’s where I give you a little nugget you might be able to use to tune up your relationship.  Today – something incredibly simple you can do to make yourself feel good about your relationship…and make your partner feel good about it too.  

Compliment them.  

And compliment things you may not typically even think to compliment.  I mean, sure if you notice a haircut or that they look great in their Christmas sweater, share that…but think about complimenting your significant other’s work ethic… or complimenting how they handled a tough situation… or maybe even complimenting something funny they said.  

Two things will happen – one, knowing you’ve made them feel good will make you feel good.  And secondly, if you’re scanning the environment for little things to compliment, then it’s going to change how you see your partner, the relationship, and possibly your whole world… if you’re going around all the time looking for the good.


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