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“I don’t think he’s going to make it …”  Those words were part of a somber text message from my sister Susan about her beloved dog, Roscoe. 

Roscoe, a lovable Cocker-Spaniel/Poodle-mix (a cocka-poo), stumbled upon some leftover cake and the initial prognosis from the vet was not good.  You have probably heard that sugar and sweets are not good for dogs and in fact, can be deadly – well, that’s no joke.

It’s started with a day of vomitting for the poor little guy, but that was not the worst of it.  The next morning they found Roscoe under the bed, so lethargic they momentarily feared the worst.  A rushed visit to the vet, found that he more than likely suffered pancreatitis from the vast amount of sugar and fat he consumed.  Options were minimal, expensive and not very hopeful. 

My sister and her husband prepared their kids for what was believed to be the inevitable.  Anyone who has ever owned a pet can tell you how they really become part of your family and the loss of a dog or cat can be devastating.

Thankfully this story has a happy ending.  Taking the doctor’s orders, they carefully nursed Roscoe back to health.  Each day he got a little more energy.  The true sign of health they said is when he finally poops.  Our family created a text-stream amongst ourselves called “Poop Watch 2020,” hoping and praying for the news.  After almost 5 days, that good poop news came last night (a beaming Roscoe is pictured above).

Moral of the story – keep your dog safe by safeguarding them from the sweets!


Photo Credit: Adam Brown