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Recently came across this new ranking of the best chain restaurant bread!  Top 4…

4) Ruth’s Chris.  Their bread is so good.  It’s simple.  Just a warm crusty loaf with soft butter.  Very good.  And then you can use it to sop up some of the steak butter left behind in your plate.  And when that butter and bread mix with a little bit of the steak blood… sweet fancy Moses!

3) Outback.  It’s that brown loaf that looks like… well, I won’t say what it looks like.  You know what it looks like.  It’s good, but it doesn’t thrill me.

2) Red Lobster.  I don’t love those biscuits.  They don’t do much for me.

1) Texas Roadhouse.  It’s barely bread.  They’re basically just warm dough and like that.  Much like the steak I order, the bread is on the rare side there.

See the full list of 11 Chain Restaurants with the Best Free Bread.

My absolute favorite restaurant bread is a local Indiana place: The Beef House in Covington, Indiana.  If you’ve not been, it’s worth the probably hour and 15 minute drive from Indianapolis.  Their rolls are magical!